“Finally one place that brings all the research, consulting and analysis on CSDP together”  

The Common Security and Defence Policy Mission Analysis Partnership (CSDP MAP) was designed to fill the existing research gap on the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) by collating think tank, research institute, NGO, government and EU institutional work into one online portal: CSDP MAP. It provides timely and accurate data and information on the EU’s CSDP. Established by ISIS Europe in 2008, the project is growing and has many high-caliber partners across Europe.


Existing information and analysis on EU CSDP missions is deeply fragmented and remains difficult for officials, analysts and civil society to access. It is also widely recognised that the monitoring and evaluation of CSDP missions is relatively under-developed and lacks both oversight and accountability.

The evaluation of the past missions and the incorporation of lessons learned in future planning is of vital importance to CSDP missions, and remains an important topic for discussion within the EU. This evaluation requires both internal evaluation, as well as external and independent feedback of all elements of missions, including the design, composition, operation, achievements and impact of CSDP missions on the ground. Thus, civil society monitoring and analysis of CSDP actions, at the local level and within Europe, is of primary importance; it is critical for the EU to learn lessons from its past engagements in order to enhance CSDP missions and ascertain positive outcomes in the future. Additionally, since the introduction of the European External Action Service (EEAS), the pressure to provide transparency of information has become even more important.


CSDP MAP is a one-stop resource that compiles data and information on CSDP missions and the regions where missions are deployed. The project focuses on contributing to a better understanding of CSDP. CSDP MAP will help to identify and address gaps in CSDP mission analysis, provide civil oversight and accountability and support collaborative analytical thinking in relation to CSDP missions and policy. The web portal enhances understanding of CSDP policy and mission planning and helps improve relations between the EU institutions, governments and local stakeholders, including civil society.

Further to this, CSDP MAP aims to then provide improved feedback by promoting and improving access to informed analysis of CSDP operations by independent researchers, analysts and civil society actors as well as encouraging information-sharing and debate among interested parties through this web-portal.

To date, the project has completed its first stage through the creation of this dedicated web portal designed to compile and improve access to open-source information on specific missions.

CSDP MAP is an independent, neutral and inclusive project. The lead organisation (currently ISIS Europe) will act as an oversight and maintenance body for the web-portal.


CSDP MAP currently works with approximately 27 partner organisations across 12 countries. Partners benefit from the increased exposure and visibility provided by the resource pages of the web portal that link directly to their reports. CSDP MAP is actively seeking new partners both in the EU and across the world to develop its comprehensive resource of information, data and analyses. Prospective partners are invited to contact us for further information. For a list of current CSDP MAP Partners, read here. The partners of CSDP Map do have a lot of experience with live casino games and other casino games. they also have favorite online casino’s, each of them has a different casino bonus. Popular casino’s are Bob Casino, Leovegas and Betsson.

The CSDP MAP webportal gives quick access and policy input on:

  • CSDP and EU missions – outline and chronological timeline. This part of CSDP MAP gives direct access to EU documentation and policy, as well as CSDP MAP partner analyses, figures and reports on CSDP missions.
  • EU structure. This page provides all the links to EU institutions and agencies (Council of the EU, Commission, European Parliament, EU agencies etc.) working on the Union’s external relations (security and associated).
  • Countries. This page gathers partners’ work and research on countries that have or are currently the object of an EU mission. The aim is provide a broad analysis, from the perspective of both Member States and local stakeholders, on the countries involved and the regional contexts.
  • Thematics. This aspect of CSDP MAP provides links to research on various thematics involved in CSDP, including fragile states, early warning, conflict analysis & prevention, structures & policies, financing, peacebuilding, R2P, human rights, gender, SSR, DDRRR, and piracy.


“CSDP MAP is an indispensable tool for research by European security analysts.  Thanks for keeping it so up to date“

Researcher and personnel in EU mission

The CSDP MAP webportal has garnered huge success over 2010. Over 300,000 hits in one year with 10,000 coming from the EU institutions. Some EU officials of the Council see CSDP MAP as such a useful resource that they plan to place a link to the webportal on an internal website of the Council General Secretariat.

 “In an era of increasing transparency, stakeholder engagement and public demands for access to information – ranging from the interactivity of social media to the high profile of Wikileaks – your informed activities and indeed your constructive criticism help to “keep us honest” and encourage the bureaucracy to be as responsive and open as possible. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

 The point of CSDP MAP is to collate and cohere analysis and provide oversight and accountability of the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy.

As we reach Phase Three of CSDP MAP, we aim to build on the work with more in-depth expert analysis and research, as well as extending the functions of the webportal to give a regular and permanent voice to local stakeholders.