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Watch video· Meet the future of meat: ... continue to order hamburgers without also feeding the livestock industry as much as a third of the world's grain production?

Lab-grown meat is in your future, and it may be …

Yeta 2015 life-cycle analysis of potential cultured meat production in the United States painted a less rosy picture if one includes the generation of electricity ...

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Health. Large scale production of cultured meat may or may not require artificial growth hormones to be added to the culture for meat production.

Artificial chicken grown from cells gets a taste test—but ...

The quest for artificial meat inches forward—the company ... But a handful of startup companies in the United States and elsewhere are trying to scale up production.

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Artificial meat production – theory or practice? - Iris. Experts have been debating about the possibility of creating artificial meat for many years.

Goodbye – and good riddance – to livestock farming ...

As the artificial meat industry grows, ... and good riddance – to livestock farming George Monbiot. The suffering inherent in mass meat production can’t be justified.

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The Big Resource Hog. The arguments for growing so-called ‘cultured’ meat are as wide-ranging as the reasons people decide to become vegetarian or vegan.

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Health-conscious eaters are wary of artificial ... that produce the meat in the cow, but this time ... on the land and water used for meat production by ...

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Feb 18, 2016· Can we improve on nature? The race is on to create man-made meat. ... Meat Makers: the artificial beef …

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Can Artificial Meat Save The World? Traditional chicken, beef, and pork production devours resources and creates waste. Meat-free meat might be the solution.